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>Does somebody know if the docking MIR-SHUTTLE is still foreseen >for june
>10th 1995 ? How is it possible to be informed in due time? >Alphonse

Dear Alphonse:

Below is the latest NASA NEWS release on the next 2 upcoming Shuttle flights.
 The best way to keep informed on Shuttle launches is to subscribe to these
releases. Information on how to subscribe is also included below. I've only
been a Seesat subscriber for a short time but I can tell that you will get
orbital elements here very quickly. There are also several Internet FTP
sites from which you can get updated orbital elements. If you would like the
FTP addresses of these sites, just say so and I or someone else on Seesat
will be glad to help.

Tim Linder

RELEASE: 95-59


     After reviewing processing operations and consulting
with Russian Space Agency officials, NASA managers have
decided to change the flight order for the launch of two
upcoming Space Shuttle missions.

     Space Shuttle Discovery, being prepared for the STS-
70/Tracking Data Relay Satellite-G mission, will be the
next flight of the Shuttle system. Following the STS-70
mission, Atlantis will be launched on Mission STS-71, the
first Shuttle-Mir docking mission.

     "Both of these flights are very important to NASA's
space flight effort," said Brewster Shaw, Director, Space
Shuttle Operations. "STS-70 represents the first flight of
the new Block I Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) with the
new Phase II+ powerhead, single coil heat exchanger and new
high pressure oxidizer turbopump. The Block I changes will
increase SSME durability, reliability and safety margins,"
he said.

     "The STS-71 mission represents a significant step
forward in our cooperative effort with the Russians and
also the development of the international Space Station.
By flying the missions in this order, we are able to make
the best use of the work force, Shuttle processing
resources and the ability to meet our future manifest
assignments," said Shaw.

     Launch of the STS-70 mission is currently targeted for
June 8 with a mission duration of 5-8 days. The official
launch date and mission duration will be set following a
flight readiness review meeting at the end of this month.
The STS-71 mission is targeted for launch in the June 19-24
timeframe. Atlantis' official launch date will be set
following its flight readiness review in early June.

                        - end -

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