From: Alphonse Pouplier <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 09:35:56 -0400

My friend Marcel WILMET took a CCD image of M104 on which a sat gives a
little line. He gave me the following data: Place of observation:
Mariembourg Belgium (50d06m N 004d31m E) Time: On may 07 1995 at 22h49 UT
Exposure duration: 5 to 10 sec. According to my IDENTIFICATION program
that sat should be the geostationnary --- UFO 3 (USA 104)1 23132U 94035A
--- I have the file M104SAT.PCX which is a ROUGH image of it. I don't
know how to send it via INTERNET but it can be downloaded from my little
BBS (300-14,400 BPS) after phone request at ..32 81 460567 Alphonse
Received on Tue May 09 1995 - 10:42:20 UTC

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