Flashes from #22251 92-83 A USA 86

From: Bj|rn Gimle <Bjorn_Gimle_at_lector.kth.se>
Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 03:44:32 -0400

The elsets by Pierre Neirinck, and adjusted by me, still give reasonable
predictions - no maneuvre yet !

I have already reported (Seesat-l/366 May 04) flashes at long intervals
to magn. 2.

Recently, they have become magnificent, but irregular.
On May 9, 23:34 Swedish Summer Time, left of zeta Cygni, it brightened
over 10 seconds to magn.+0, which it kept for about five seconds.
Five seconds later, a short flash to magn. +1, and another one 15 seconds

On May 10 at 23:52 SST, it flashed to magn. -1 below beta Cygni, before
I found it in the binocular field. Next flash to magn +0 was about a
minute later.

Ten minutes later, I observed the DRA object #13302/82-66 B,
which proved to be a difficult object, with the moon shining on our
blue Nordic skies. I measured only four (soft) flashes, because the period
was about 47 seconds, and it was invisible in between, so I had to guess
the position of the next flash !

Bjo(e)rn Gimle
Received on Thu May 11 1995 - 10:31:13 UTC

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