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Date: Sun, 14 May 1995 02:11:00 -0400

I have had several frustrating weeks of failure, but I was just able to get
the 2/95 SSR from here.
After requesting it for a couple of years from NASA and Space Command (NORAD),
I am very glad to see that the SSR has finally been modified to carry most of
the info in the SATELLITE CATALOG. Now everyone can enjoy the info.
In archive/latest/353, Bjoern wrote:
>I noticed that (previous week's) Molczan elset file had three months old
N2L has several satellites with months old elements. Does anyone know why
those satellites are kept in N2L if their elements are not updated?
>Wait till Jay Respler chimes in.
Well, since Walter mentioned it...
For the last few years, my observing goal has been to see every object in
orbit brighter than mag 13. I catalog all observations with apparent and
Intrinsic mag, originally in MrOrbit format, and now in QUICKSAT format. Some
day, when I get done, I expect to publish the complete list of magnitudes of
all satellites. Meanwhile, if there is information on any particular satellite
that anyone is interested in, just ask.
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