Re: 22251 (KH11-9)

From: Jeffrey C. Hunt <>
Date: Sun, 14 May 1995 15:12:15 -0400

I hope this is an appropriate request. A direct response to my e-mail
address would be appreciated so as not to broadcast unecessary info on
the list. Would someone either re-post or transmit to me the TLE for
22251 (KH11-9) that was posted a few weeks ago. I loaded the info into
my SATPRO program but I was unable to transfer that database info to
STSPLUS. Evidently SATPRO doesn't retain the last set of numbers from
lines 1 and 2 which I think are checksums of some type and STSPLUS needs
that info. Thanks in advance. Jeff Hunt <>
Received on Sun May 14 1995 - 15:22:22 UTC

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