07274 identified

From: Alphonse Pouplier <pouplia_at_interpac.interpac.be>
Date: Sun, 14 May 1995 17:56:48 -0400

Actualy this is a message for Walter NISSEN and for Rainer KRACHT but I
can't find anywhere the E-Mail address of Rainer KRACHT. I have a lot of
TL files and there is only one where I can find 07274. It is a file with
3,975 sats Tristan COOLS gave me at EUROSOM. Indeed, if I scan that file
with my program IDENT, I find that sat for the data given by Walter
NISSEN. If I run my program VOIRSAT, I can see 07274 passing near ZOSMA
del LEO at 02:29:07 and near MERAK bet UMA at 02:30:26 in the sky of
CLEVELAND on 13/05/95 !!! But why does that sat not exist in the other
files while it is so bright? In that big file of Tristan the ref. date of
07274 is 24/04/94 ! It seems to be a very stable sat! I'll try to track it
with my computer controlled telescope when the sky will permit...
Alphonse POUPLIER pouplia_at_mail.interpac.be
Received on Sun May 14 1995 - 18:00:41 UTC

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