Re: 22251 (KH11-9)

From: Bart De Pontieu <BDP_at_MPE.MPE-GARCHING.MPG.DE>
Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 11:34:43 -0400
Jeff Hunt wrote in seesat/389 :

>I hope this is an appropriate request.  A direct response to my e-mail
>address would be appreciated so as not to broadcast unecessary info on
>the list.

I would have sent you a personal response, but I think my reply may be
of interest to all people on the list.

>Would someone either re-post or transmit to me the TLE for
>22251 (KH11-9) that was posted a few weeks ago.

All messages on SeeSat-L are archived. This archive can be easily accessed
and can even be *searched* for information.

In your case, sending a message with Subject: archive egrep 22251 latest/*
will give you a list of all recent messages in the 'latest' subdirectory
(where all messages are archived) that contain a reference to the 'word'
22251. Here is what I got back from the archive :

Subj:	archive retrieval: ARCHIVE egrep 22251 latest/*
ARCHIVE egrep 22251 latest/*
BEGIN---------------cut here------------------
latest/214:80:orbit of #22251 USA 86, if it were commanded to decay a short
latest/286:35:2 23556  51.6817 137.9582 0021241  58.4020 301.9715 16.28487783522251
latest/366:45:1 22251U 92 83A   95112.2746703   .00017000  00000-0  20000-3 0    10
latest/366:46:2 22251  97.9145 225.7320 0518703 189.2259 169.5391 14.8251917     10
latest/380:14:Subject: Flashes from #22251 92-83 A USA 86
latest/389:8:Subject: Re: 22251 (KH11-9)
latest/389:17:22251 (KH11-9) that was posted a few weeks ago.  I loaded the info into
END-----------------cut here------------------

It's pretty clear from this list that message 366 is the one you want. Normally,
you would want to download that message, but in this case the grep already
gives you the elements. In case you want to download it, send a message
with Subject: archive get latest/366
to the same request address.

Hope this helps, and can be used in the future if you want to access archive

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