SSR, Flash 93, CCD-image and WWW

From: Bart De Pontieu <BDP_at_MPE.MPE-GARCHING.MPG.DE>
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 21:01:31 -0400

Hi everyone,

Some administrative news.

First of all, thanks to Mike McCants, the most recent Satellite Situation
Report from NASA is now available on the SeeSat-L archive. To receive this
207 Kb file, send a message with Subject: archive get ssr/ssr9504.uu

For those of you who have mailing software that does not allow subject lines
*that* long, try putting Subject: archive
and put the rest of the command in the body of the message. The SeeSat software
also understands command in the body of the message, as long as the word
'archive' is the first word of the Subject.

For those of you who have mailing software that does not allow for big files
to be received, I have also split up the ssr9504.uu file into four pieces, each
of which is smaller than 64 Kb. Send a message with
Subject: archive get ssr/ssr?.uu

Secondly, the 93th issue of the monthly newsletter Flash (of the Belgian
Working Group Satellites) was just finished and sent to the printshop.
Flash subscribers will receive it through snail-mail in a week and a half or
so. It is *now* electronically available :

1. on the SeeSat-L archive. Send a message with
Subject: archive get flash/flash93.uu
to receive this 130 Kb uuencode file. Uudecode and unzip it, and then
print the postscript file on your favourite postscript printer,
or view it with Ghostscript.

2. on the World Wide Web. Take a look at the following URL :

Oh, and here are the contents of this issue :

92 Contents and adresses
93 Satorial
94 Observational Flashes
98 92- 83 A observations and elements
       Bj"orn Gimle
99 Confusion about 93- 30 F and G
       Mike McCants
99 Visibility of STS 71 docking with MIR
       Neil Clifford
100 Update on the DRA Project
       Bart De Pontieu
102 Cloud around Spot 1
       David Bishop and Mike McCants
103 Molniya flasher identified !
       Rainer Kracht
105 CCD-image of M104 and geosat
       Alphonse Pouplier
106 Jonathan's Space Report 238-240
       Jonathan McDowell
107 Observations of geosynchronous satellites
       Rainer Kracht
108 Satorama
       compiled by Tristan Cools
109 Some notes about Cospar/USSPACOM ID's
       Tristan Cools
110 Recent Observations
Thirdly, the CCD-image of a geosat in the vicinity of M 104 (cfr. Alphonse
Pouplier's message on this topic) is now also
available on the SeeSat-L archive. To get it (25 Kb), send a message with
Subject: archive get obs/m104.uu
Uudecode and unzip it, it's a GIF file.

Finally, some WWW-news. Neil Clifford and I have updated and expanded the
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page in the last week. Here is an over-
view of the changes :

- the SeeSat-L Home Page gets updated as fast as you get the new messages that
  appear on SeeSat-L. URL is
  It is the most convenient way to access the archive!

- We now have daily updated predictions of 23 bright satellites for 17
  major cities in Europe available. URL is
  Manfred Bester has a similar page in the US. Check it out at :

- The Satellite Situation report is also available on our pages. URL is

- The most recent information on MIR, Shuttle and MIR-Shuttle flights and
  how to view them is available at :

Your comments and remarks about our pages are welcome.

  Bart (maintainer of SeeSat-L, if you hadn't noticed yet ;-)
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