Finnish observations

From: Leo Wikholm <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 12:30:00 -0400

Compiled by Leo Wikholm

Antero Olkkonen, Ristiina, Finland:

I saw 91-063B at mag +0,5 on Apr 2 evening. It was a brilliant
object. The second observation was made on Apr 5 and the
satellite was at mag +0. In the next evening it was little
yellowish at mag +2,5.

92-052A was a bluish satellite at mag +1 on Apr 2. I have
followed this satellite in several evenings. On Apr 5 there
were irregular flashes at mag +2. The main flash took about
10 seconds. Again irregular flashes on Apr 7 at mag +2,5.

85-097B is a bright object. On Apr 2 I saw this satellite at
magnitude +2,5. On Apr 5 it was at magnitude +1. The third
observation was made on Apr 6 and then it was again at mag +2,5.

ERS-2, 95-021A is a new object but a very dim one. On Apr 30
I saw it at magnitude +6,5.

We have light night here in North again, so have a nice summer.
I'll continue to make observations in the beginning of August.

Eero Rantalaiho, Virkkala, Finland:

92-093B was a bright object on Mar 14 evening at magnitude +2.

The flying triangle NOSS 2-2, 91-076C-E was visible with
92-093B on Mar 13. 91-076C was at magnitude +4 and the other
satellite at mag +2.

81-059A was a flashing satellite on Mar 31. I saw it at magnitude
+2 and the period was 4,3 seconds.

Kai Hamalainen, Espoo, Finland:

92-052A was a steady object at mag +6 on Mar 26.

I saw 78-096A at magnitude +5 on Mar 26 evening. That was a
steady object.

71-089A was also visible on Mar 26 and the brightness was +5 mag.

Leo Wikholm
Ursa Astronomical Association
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