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Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 11:58:11 -0400
After a successful launch the morning of Saturday 20 May, Spektr is on
it's way to Mir. Since docking is due 1st June after the EVA activity
this week it should be visible as it closes in on Mir (the European
morning visibilty window opens  up over the next 7 days and viewing
should be improving in the US too). Here are the details I have:

From Vladimir Agapov
May 20, 1995

Spektr module was launched at 06:33:22.064DMV (03:33:22.064UTC) from LC81 of Baykonur
cosmodrome by 8K82K 'Proton-K' launcher. First stage of the launcher separated within 126.614 s after
launching. Shedding of launcher's shroud was made within 179.95 s. Second stage successfully separated
within 335.632 s. Spacecraft separated from the 3rd stage within 589.283 s after launching.

Spektr was inserted into orbit with period 89.781 min, inclination 51.677 deg and by 221.09x335.37

1 95024U 95024A   95140.07813627  .00091023  00000-0  10000-3 0    27
2 95024  51.6564 300.5662 0077197  80.0200 280.9513 16.02762631    15

First two of eight impulses are scheduled on May 21 at 02:11:12UTC (6.4 m/s) and at 04:19:09UTC (15

Docking is scheduled on June 1.

best wishes,

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