Re: Looking for KH-11 info

From: Bj|rn Gimle <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 1995 17:20:13 -0400

Tim Linder wrote :
>missed the KH 11-6 pass. I assume that since this is an intelligence
>satellite that it has be maneuvered somewhat since the elements I have
>were issued (several weeks at least). I saw a fairly bright satellite
>pass about 4 minutes after the predicted pass for the KH 11-6. It was
>several degrees east of the predicted point for the KH 11-6 and was
>moving in a south to north direction.
>I am at approx. 35.1N, 82.1W. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone
>could help me determine if the satellite I saw was the KH 11-6 satellite.

The Molczan elsets for 950520 still have the 94286. epoch
for #15423 84-122 A.

Last fall, there were rumours that this KH 11-6 was taken down from its
orbit to decay.

To my knowledge, they were neither confirmed nor disproved.

NASA SatSit still says "No elements available"

Ted, could you give more facts about your observation and/or prediction to
help analysis/identification ?

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