What was that?!

From: Douglas Biggerstaff <b20055_at_accesspt.north.net>
Date: Sun May 21 21:25:04 1995

Salutations all seesat'ers!,
I have an observation that I cannot match with predictions.

I observed a bright object passing directly over my location Friday
night. It travelled from due south to due north, practically kissing
Polaris. I waited to post this until now because I first wanted to check
the latest elset file from the kilroy archive (el950521.Z). No match!

The closest object predicted is the COBE rocket body, but it was to be 7
minutes after the observation moving SE to NW, nowhere near that close to

The pertinent info...
- observing location: 43.7 N Lat. 79.7 W Long
- observation at 22:28 EDT Friday, May 19th (02:28 May 20, UT),
- 0 to -1 mag., seemed to begin shadow ingress at about 45 degrees elev.,
   disappeared at about 25 degrees elev.
- passed South to North within 5 degrees of the zenith, came within 3
   degrees, to the east of Polaris.

Mir is not favourble now for southern Ontario, there are a few Cosmos
objects that it could be, or the Lacrosses, but none were predicted...

...maybe that new secret payload just launched by the Yanks?

Anyone? Anyone?

Douglas Biggerstaff, Toronto
Received on Sun May 21 1995 - 21:25:04 UTC

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