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Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 22:08:52 -0400

This message appeared recently in the Compuserve satellite watchers'
area -- the tracking telescope at the Hayden planetarium sounds

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    03-May-95 23:37:54
Sb: #217451-#Satellite amounts
Fm: Ron dantowitz 73131,2172
To: Conrad Kirksey, SS3 71575,1677 (X)

Hi Folks-

When I first started watching sat a few yrs ago I went nuts- I printed
out lists of sats that were coming over... and waited with the
notebook- watched star background with Traksat- and picked em off one
by one with binocs. There are many things I cannot do in this world,
but I sure can point binocs accurately, and instantly- that and a dime
will get me a phone call, though.

My point: If you try, you might catch over 20 (maybe 30) objects with
7x50s, even in the city (20-30 in a few hours). Summers you can see em
all night- Our new Observatory allows us to track on sats, and I will <-
be uploading images of sats as I capture them- <-

I have seen the wings/tail on the Shuttle, and Mir looks like ]. <-

Anyways, good luck!

-Ron Dantowitz
Hayden Planetarium
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