Spektr, elsets, elsets, please

From: Walter Nissen <dk058_at_cleveland.Freenet.Edu>
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 09:33:39 -0400
I've edited the Status Report excerpt I posted yesterday, by deleting some
material, computing what I believe are the UTC times of the remaining
burns and providing a Spektr elset copied this morning from Dr. TS Kelso's
Celestial BBS (1-334-409-9280).

I don't know how to convert the information given into anticipated elsets
for the two periods between the burns (one only 1/2 an orbit, and thus not
so important).  Would someone else be able to do so, and post them here?
Pretty please?

If it is not already obvious to everyone, visible passes of Mir, some very
spectacular, are occurring over North America over the next few days in
the early morning hours.  I sent an alert to those from the DC area who
have requested such, and will do so for Cleveland and DC as weather and
available data warrant and my health permits.  If you would like to
receive these, just send me e-mail indicating so.  I regret that I will
seldom be able to accommodate routine requests for other areas, but if you
feel a particular need, feel free to ask.

On a related matter, OIG elsets received yesterday had some non-critical
format changes, but those of you with fussy-fussy (and perhaps even not so
fussy-fussy) tracking programs may have problems.  Some of these problems
are acknowledged in the message-of-the-day material you see on login to
OIG.  As OIG feeds other sources, these may migrate downstream.



Subject: Mir 18 Status Report #22 (5/19/95)


Date           DMT        UTC                 Event

1 23579U 95024A   95145.15981466  .00000926  00000-0  10000-4 0   195
2 23579  51.6512 273.7580 0044739  61.4472 299.1032 15.75640136   791

27 May      02:35:36                    2nd single pulse man. (orbit 109)
                      950526 233536     Delta V 7.6 m/sec
                                        Apogee  389 kilometers
                                        Perigee 328 kilometers
                                        Period  91.4 minutes

June 1                                  Third double pulse maneuver
            01:02:25                    1st engine ignition (orbit 187)
                                        Delta V 7.0 m/sec
            01:48:18                    2nd engine igntion (orbit 187)
                      950531 224818     Delta V 7.4 m/sec

            04:04:00                    Spektr docking with Mir
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