Re: Spektr, elsets, elsets, please

From: Neil T. Clifford <>
Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 11:44:15 -0400

|>I don't know how to convert the information given into anticipated elsets
|>for the two periods between the burns (one only 1/2 an orbit, and thus not
|>so important). Would someone else be able to do so, and post them here?
|>Pretty please?

If the delta V were expressed as components (ie crosstrack, alongtrack
and radial) then it should be possible to calculate the new elset.

In other words anyone have the leverage to tease the extra info out of
any source?

|>On a related matter, OIG elsets received yesterday had some non-critical
|>format changes, but those of you with fussy-fussy (and perhaps even not so
|>fussy-fussy) tracking programs may have problems. Some of these problems
|>are acknowledged in the message-of-the-day material you see on login to
|>OIG. As OIG feeds other sources, these may migrate downstream.

We (ie Bart and I) have developed a methodology and software for keeping
these and other elsets up-todate on the WWW pages. Still ironing out
bugs so any claim that it can be a useful source is premature. Hopefully
it will work before it's redundant. ;-)

best wishes,

Neil Clifford
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