What did I see? Was it a new Lacrosse?

From: Joe A. Dellinger <jdellinger_at_amoco.com>
Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 21:26:24 -0400

        May 19 at about 11:45 PM or so (+-20 minutes) I saw a VERY BRIGHT,
VERY RED, and VERY SLOW satellite go over, due overhead, from North to South.
(This was from Tulsa, Oklahoma, elevation 700 feet, 36.1983 degrees North,
-95.8880 degrees East, 5 hours behind GMT.)
        It was more deeply red than Arcturus, and about magnitude -1. It
was slow enough (and occurred so late at night) that I knew it had to be in
a high orbit. It moved so slowly I had no trouble getting my telescope on it.
(And in the scope it still looked like a bright dot, so it definitely wasn't
a plane.) It faded out just like satellites do, while maybe 55 degrees up in
the South.
        From the descriptions (near the summer solstice, near midnight, polar
orbit, high, bright, _red_) I immediately thought it must be Lacrosse.
Just to verify that, I downloaded Molczan's list (discovering there are now
TWO Lacrosses, not just one) and ran a prediction using "seesat" (a klunky but
useable C/Unix satellite prediction program I got off the network many years
        Much to my surprise, neither Lacrosse 1 nor Lacrosse 2 matched!
        So, what did I see? Does anyone know? Is it possible this is a _new_
Lacrosse? (In which case I apologize for not noting down the exact time!!!)

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