Re: Format change of tles

From: David H. Ransom <>
Date: Sun, 28 May 1995 22:19:59 -0400


The information in the messages you copied to me agrees for the most part
with what I have received. One note of interest: Kelso is unaware of
either the changes or the reasons for same. I've asked him to look
further into the matter. I will also be contacting USSPACECOM directly in
about 10 days (I'm doing all this from out of town right now) to see what
they have to say.

At present, I am also reformatting all TLEs to the "old" format even
though none of my software crashes. ORBITEL reports the errors and
corrects the missing checksums. STSPLUS reports the bad checksums but
accepts the data. If this change turns out to be permanent, I'll modify
both programs eventually.


David H. Ransom, Jr.
Received on Sun May 28 1995 - 22:33:29 UTC

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