USA 86 (22251)

Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 11:16:14 PDT

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    >To my knowledge, these are the latest elements, which were about 8 
    >days old at
    >the time of Jonathan's attempted observation:
    >1 22251U 92083A   00116.12243973  .00007000  00000-0  43321-3 0    09
    >2 22251  97.7240 150.5454 0371000 133.3341 226.6658 14.66971147    07
    >I estimate the prediction time uncertainty at less than 10 s; so the 
    >age of the
    >elements should not have been a problem. More likely, I believe the 
    >object may
    >have been difficult to see because it was low in the west and poorly
    >illuminated, especially after culmination, at 1:01 UTC.
    >Jonathan might have had better luck had he observed about 1 min 
    >earlier, in the
    >SW, where its illumination was somewhat better. On the other hand, 
    >KeyHoles are
    >known to flare briefly in the West and NW, so it could have become 
    >despite the poor phase angle.
    As I recall, USA 86 was predicted to go through Castor and Pollux of
    Gemini, but I never saw it.  Has anyone observed this object recently?
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