Re: Envisat Image

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 21:13:58 EDT

Great to see an image of envisat.
I fiqured some details would be seen with envisat, it's big.

As for envisat flies

The longitude axis ( X axis ) is normal to the orbit plane, the Y axis is 
closely aligned to the velocity vector and the z axis is earth pointing. 
Basically as I understand , it orbits flat to the earth in a sense. So it's 
instruments point down to the earth, such as the ASAR (Advanced Synthetic 
Aperture Radar). As it orbits , the radar scans to the side of it's 
direction of travel, or side scan radar as I call it.


Go here to see detils on how it orbits and other stuff, so you can improve 
your model.

Philip Masding Wrote

Does anyone know how Envisat flies ? Does it have standard flight modes like
the ISS (XVV and XPOP) ? If so I will be able to incorporate a simple model
in my ISS Simulator porgram. The model is on the page above already and will
run in the simulator but not necessarily in the correct orientation.


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