SeeSat-L back up?

From: Bart De Pontieu (
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 17:51:54 EDT

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    Hi All,
    Hopefully this message will go out to the list. It will be the first in 6
    My current understanding is that a hacker got into our account (it's
    unclear how at this point), and deleted SeeSat-L and SeeSat-D from our
    account. As soon as I was alerted to this problem, I've been working hard
    at getting the list back. Unfortunately, as we are now on a private
    prrovider, I do not have as many possibilities to troubleshoot, and more
    importantly to get a back-up in place. As of today, 96 hours after my
    first request, the provider still has not installed a backup version of
    the lists (after I paid $50). They may sti
    For now, I have worked quite a few hours to try and recreate the current
    distribution list of both lists (SeeSat-L and SeeSat-D) using a very old
    back-up from September 2001, and the log-file of all subscription requests
    since then. This process is not foolproof as the information available to
    me is limited).
    However, I think we have a relatively accurate distribution list now.
    But it is quite probable that some of you have been unsubscribed or
    subscribed with incorrect or double addresses. So, please accept my
    apologies for this inconvenience.
    You can remedy this yourself by following the instructions on the web-page
    mentioned in the footer of this message. Or you can contact me directly
    and I will do my best to correct your address entry.
    Hopefully we will back up now and stable. Please bear with me as I
    finetune things.
           Bart, SeeSat-L administrator,
    PS: I suspect that the hacker in question has dialed in using an internet
    address in the domain If you have any information about
    this person, please contact me.
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