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From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 10:16:32 EDT

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    > I had to add add some data into the skymap satmag.dat file, in order to
    > a satellite to show up using the all satellite search option
    > So now to enter some fake mag data for the geo sat's to be sure they will
    > show up.
    Unless you want only designated satellites to show up, you can set the value
    F7/L/F5  Dimmest satellite magnitude: 16.0
    or so, then
    F7/F9/F6  Maximum perigee: 44444 km
    F7/F9/F7  Minimum, maximum range: 25000, 44444 km
    to avoid (most) LEO/HEO satellites.
    With F7/L/F5  Dimmest satellite magnitude: 13.0
    you will skip some objects that appear faint in the satmag.dat file.
    In case there is no value there,
    (nor in the elset if F7/L/F7  Use std. magnitudes in ephem file if present)
    you need a reasonable/matching value for
    F7/L/F6  Default satellite standard magnitude:.
    (I use 6.0)
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