Re: Strange TLE for 02-024X

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 13:30:59 EDT

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    Ed Light wrote:
    > The last 5 TLEs from OIG for the 02-024 objects, given below, display
    > some very perplexing behavior - most easily seen by looking at the
    > mean motions - especially for 27430 and 27433.  Has anyone a clue as
    > to what caused this? Exotic maneuvering? Bookkeeping error?
    I have analyzed the 4*5 elsets Ed included using AllCola.exe. 27431 epochs
    were May 19-23, all others May 22-23.
    An edited output, retaining only a few of the "close encounters", and other
    extreme values, is available on
    Also available is a summary table (space- or tab-delimited + excel), and the
    TLEs. I have added multiples of 10000 to the USSPACECOM nos. to make it
    easier to tabulate the output. I requested AllCola to show ranges up to 99
    km, if orbit distances were below 22 km, for May 15-24.
    Please use them to further analyze my initial conclusions below. When the
    range was within a few km over the ten days, I marked == in the table, if
    they were that close during <1.5 days I put the center date, for a longer
    period the initial date and a +.
    The 27431 elsets are very consistent.
    The 27432 (rocket) elsets were run separately, and agree well with each
    other, and show payload separation at 02:07 May 15. The last elset for 27433
    is also close to the rocket elsets at that time.
    The 27433 elsets agree on May 21-23, or a shorter period, except for the
    latest one (MM=14.09). This one agrees with the oldest elset for 27430 on
    May 20, and with all 27431 on May 14 (before launch!).
    The old elset for 27430 also agrees with all 27431 on launch day May 15.
    The last four 27430 agree with each other, and the first four 27433 over May
    21-23, or a part thereof (2nd and 3rd 27430 over the full ten days with each
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