Any Decayed objects match these three sightings

From: Larry (
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 04:54:18 EDT

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    The location of these sightings is near Edmonton Alberta
    W113.53,  dec N53.52    Time zone MDT: UT -6
    Time of event for two of the  observations May 10, 6:35 UT
    and the third one was off by about 1 hr.
    The only decayed objects I can locate that match, decayed (I assume) late on
    May 7 or on the morning of May 8. They were Cosmos 1145 r, and  SL-6 R/B.
    Two others are not likely as Ariane 42 is in an equatorial orbit and PSLV deb
    is retrograde
    Thanks for any help pinning down any possibilities.
    Larry Wood
    Fireballs early this morning?  I'm glad someone else saw it too.   Strangest
    meteor (if that's what it was) that I've ever seen.  First caught a bright
    orange glow through a treetop at 12:35 am about 350 degrees az.  and about 40
    degrees off the horizon.  It was close to due north when it came into clear
    view and there were actually several (at least ten) traveling southeast
    stretching out over about a 20 degree field.  They started dying out at about
    45 degrees with the last two actually making it to about 90.  These were also
    the slowest moving meteors I've ever seen.  I was too awestruck to think about
    timing the event but my best guess is that it lasted about 10 seconds.  I
    didn't hear any noise at all.  Kinda like fireworks without the boom.
    Have had 2 calls so far today...
    *	Edmonton area 12:35 AM... claimed to be sober... object moving
    north to northeast... leaving trail of sparks... not sure how long it
    lasted.  Gave caller the MIAC website report form URL..  No noise heard.
    *	Wabamun area 1:40 AM... driving home after playing cards with
    Mom on Mothers Day (how sweet is that...)... moving NW to SE... came up
    from behind (thought a semi was about to hit him)... passed by and broke
    apart into 2 million pieces... bright orange.
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