Video of ISS transiting Jupiter 2004 May 14 UTC

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 18:34:48 EDT

  • Next message: Kevin Fetter: "iss orbit boost performed" has reported on a video of ISS transiting Jupiter on 2004 May
    14 at 01:34 UTC, taken by Gary Trapuzzano of Pennsylvania.
    The article is located at:
    The story is archived. To read it, enter May 17, 2004 in the text boxes at the
    upper right of the above web page, and hit the "view" button. Scroll down the
    heading THE ISS & JUPITER. Here is a quote:
    "At the last minute my friend Mike Atwell and I decided to try to capture the
    eclipse on video," says Trapuzzano. "After driving to the site and setting up,
    we had only 38 seconds to spare. Because I didn't know how close the ISS would
    get to Jupiter, I exposed the image to include Jupiter's moons. Had I known our
    location would be almost exactly on the centerline, I would have reduced the
    exposure to show more detail. All-in-all, doing this was a total blast for both
    of us."
    Here is the URL of a high-res animation:
    The caption of the video states the observation site coordinates: 40.55105 N,
    75.44720 W. Altitude was not specified; 150 m is typical of towns in the area.
    Ted Molczan
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