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From: Jason Glydewell (
Date: Fri May 22 2009 - 14:23:36 UTC

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    Here is what I would like to do with Heavensat (as I have been doing with Orbitron):
    1. Select all the .txt files from Celestrak for my Satellite Source
    2. In the Calculations tab, run a Passes prediction for the evening according to my specs (min magnitude, elevations, etc.) The screen then shows me a list of sats I want to try to spot.
    Here is what I can't figure out:
    3. I then want to click on the Chart tab to show, in real time, ONLY the satellites from my Pass Predictions list under the Calculations tab.
    As I can tell right now, the Chart is showing me ALL the sats from the original Satellite Source, including the sats which I won't be able to see because of their very very dim magnitudes.  I want to exclude the sats that I can't see and have the Chart show ONLY the sats from my Pass Predictions list.
    In Orbitron this can be achieved by right clicking on the sat list and selecting Track > Only > Prediction Results.
    Is it possible to do this in Heavensat?
    Jason Glydewell
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