The 1996 Cosmos 2335 RB Decay

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Tue May 01 2012 - 17:28:00 UTC

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    Ted Molczan's impressive and fascinating analysis of the
    Cosmos 2335 RB ('#24671) on Dec 12, 1996 stimulated me
    to investigate the case with my special perturbation decay
    Based on the ELSETs 96346.926... - 96347.110...
    (SFX 81, AP 09) and the propagator NRL-MSISE-00
    the results are
    Altitude 80 km ; Dec 12, 1996  : 04:25:30 UTC
    Altitude 10 km                         :  04:31:06 UTC
    The visibility conditions for 3  reported observation locations
    are also in good agreement with Ted's results. The differences
    in time and altitudes are only in the order of a few seconds and 
    a few degrees. Ted had the kindness to store my relevant data runs
     in the SeeSat reference archive. Here the links:
    It is nice to see that the two quite different approaches delivers
    identical  results.
    Harro Zimmer   Berlin (Germany)
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