Re[2]: Panstarrs with an unid

From: Andriy Makeyev (
Date: Mon May 06 2013 - 14:02:00 UTC

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    Dear Wolfgang,
    You captured COSMOS 1375 DEB, NORAD# 17797, COSPAR ID 1982-055-AP.
    Approximate time was since 22:03:09 until 22:03:18 UTC, it was travelling from the top to the right downwards of your FOV (3.5x4.8).
    Also, in the top left corner of your raw picture might be (if it was bright enough) the track of FENGYUN 1C DEB, NORAD 30103, COSPAR 1999-025-RG (passing by nearly 22:03:35 UTC downwards from top to left of the FOV).
    Best regards, Andriy.
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