RE: Possible reentry captured over Chile ?

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Date: Fri May 10 2013 - 18:09:48 UTC

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    That appears to be too much debris for a satellite only 10 cm on a side.
    Could this have been the upper stage?
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    Carlos Bella wrote:
    > A satellite/space debris reentry ?
    > 05-09/223731.html
    > ...or a hoax ?
    The brief caption lacks detail, but the video looks realistic. The time
    and location of the sighting correlates with the
    re-entry of object Bell (13016D / 39145). 
    As I write, USSTRATCOM's latest TIP message, which was issued hours
    after the fact, reports decay at 2013 May 10 00:58
    UTC +/- 7 min, at 40 S, 287 E (73 W).
    Temuco, Chile is located near 38.73 S, 72.58 W, which is close to the
    re-entry ground track. Local time in effect was
    UTC-4h; therefore, the reported time of the sighting, May 09 at "about
    20:55" local = May 10 00:55 UTC.
    Propagating USSTRATCOM's latest TLE (epoch 13129.50367990) using Alan
    Pickup's Satana/Satevo, yields a TLE that reveals
    excellent visibility of the re-entry trajectory from Temuco. Track was
    SW-NE. Culmination was about 40 deg above the SE
    horizon on May 09 near 20:57 local (May 10 00:57 UTC).
    It appears to be a match, Carlos. I would be interested in any other
    reports of the event that you may find.
    Ted Molczan
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