RE: RE: Atlas centaur tumbling

Date: Sat May 18 2013 - 13:55:26 UTC

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    we have more than 50 reports for this object in our DB since 2002:
    The brightest one is of magnitude 0:
    reported by Alberto Rango in January 2008:
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    >Data: 18-mag-2013 15.28
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    >Ogg: RE: Atlas centaur tumbling
    >Alberto rango wrote:
    >Hi Jesus Pacheco,
    >I have been observing 13007/81-118B since January 2005. At present 81 118B
    >shows flashes +6 and minimum 7.5 with period of 14.52 seconds.
    >Hi Alberto,
    >Well I guess it flashes like so for the geometry. In principle, I didn't
    >believe that a rocket's stage flashes so bright.
    >It flashes with that magnitude (aproximately -2 or -1) at about 15 degress
    >over horizont. Then, atlas' flashes was between 2 and 3 of magnitude,
    >visually with naked eye.
    >I'll be monitoring its passage over my place to confirm this flashes.
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