Compilation of recovered space debris

Date: Tue May 21 2013 - 13:15:33 UTC

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    In conjunction with Ted's announcement regarding his list of natural observed reentries I have been constantly compiling a list of recovered space debris over the years.  This consists of known debris and some suspected debris cases. In a few instances I have been led to some data by the SEESAT listserver.  Lacking are images of some items discovered in South America (Brazil) and older historical accounts some of which are difficult if not impossible to locate. I steer clear of UFO reports though have been steered to a couple of events via that route.
    I would request that anyone on the listserver who might be aware of historical recovery of specific space objects, photos or displays in museums that are not my my debris page, to kindly consult this page located at:
    Should you find any errors or have corrections or new items to contribute, please send me an email off list.
    Paul D. Maley
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