Re: Reentry over Brasil ?

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Fri May 24 2013 - 21:38:53 UTC

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    Op 24-5-2013 23:10, Marco Langbroek schreef:
    > Carlos,
    > Are you sure of the time? If that is 22:00 UT, not 22 local time, then it could
    > have been Kosmos 1188 (80-050A). It passed very close to the location you
    > mention at 22:00 UT (on the 23rd) and was near decay.
    > - Marco
    Space-track has tle's for Kosmos 1188 with an epoch near 24 May 05:25 UT so it 
    appears to have stayed in orbit untill the early hours of May 24. The latest TIP 
    message for the object at Space-track currently gives 04:29 +/- 1 hr for the 
    decay prediction.
    As mentioned, it did make a pass (approaching perigeum) for the location you 
    mention, but at 22 UT, not 22 local time. If your Brasil observation turns out 
    to be near 22 UT, fragments of Kosmos 1188 are perhaps a good candidate, even 
    though the main platform itself seems to have survived two more orbits.
    Yet maybe we better await more details, both concerning the time and the speed 
    of the objects.
    - Marco
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