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Date: Sun, 3 May 2020 12:44:43 -0700
Noted a signal on 401.50MHz using a SDR on a 53° pass at 1147z 3 May 2020 in 

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The video link below does not work. It should be:
Paul D. Maley

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After a number of failed attempts in previous days I finally succeeded to 
record Noor 1 this morning 3 May at 11:50:53UT.  It was flying southwest of 
my location in Carefree, Arizona luckily at a favorable elevation and phase 
angle unlike on prior occasions.  The pass occurred 46 minutes before 
sunrise; had it been a minute or two later I could not have been able to 
capture it on video as the sky background would have been wiped out.  The 
object was clearly tumbling as described in the press. I estimate the 
brightness as somewhere between 8 and 9 as it was rotating during the 
approximately 2 seconds that it took to cross the field of view.   See my 
video at

Paul D. Maley
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