Re: USO seen on May 13.

From: Michael R Thompson via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 18:37:41 +0000
Hi Kevin,

It could be something else, but the descending node of 37756, the tank that broke into ~60 pieces on May 8th, was near the longitude of Amazonas 4a at 5:36.

Using the TLE from the original object from before it broke up and your location, it would have passed within 5 degrees of Amazonas and 3 degrees of TYC 5612 757 at 05:21. Presumably at this point, debris objects are spreading out in the along-track direction from this pre-breakup TLE.

At 5:40:34, your line of sight to Amazonas and the star passes directly through the 37756 orbital plane.

Hopefully we can take a better look once TLEs for the debris objects are released.

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Subject: USO seen on May 13.

Oh Oh, I have a problem. Last night, while aimed at Amazonas 4a, I had a
uso pay me a visit.

At around 5:40:34 utc ( May 13 ), it passed closed to the following star.

Data from the Tycho catalog:
TYC 5612 757

J2000 position at current date (proper motion and parallax included):

Right ascension: 16h07m43.3138s
Declination: -07 57' 26.170"

I would for now, say something in a geo transfer orbit.

Now to try and fiqure out, what it was.

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