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Date: Sun, 24 May 2020 03:40:35 +0000 (UTC)
Thank you, Richard

I had a feeling that actually seeing it after the launch would
be a somewhat difficult task.  :/

-- joe 

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Using on the DM-1 launch orbit parameters as a starting point to
generate elements I make it as follows (it's not good).

9:02 ISS azimuth 0 deg max elevation 14 deg
9:21 DM-2 azimuth 18 deg max elevation 9 deg (so too low)

10:40 ISS azimuth 30 deg max elevation 34 deg (into eclipse)
10:53 DM-2 azimuth 333 deg max elevation 15 deg (into eclipse)

DM-2 will be maneuvering to achieve the ISS orbit by the time you
indicate, so it may be a few minutes later than the times above (raising
the orbit makes it come later). But it will be still be lower than ISS
and I think the eclipse on the later pass will be difficult to beat.

When I have seen Dragon at reasonable elevations on the launch orbit it
has been bright, mag 1 at least.


Richard Cole
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