Introduction and report

Jens Lerch (
Sat, 1 Nov 1997 20:02:42 +1


Having completed an hour of satellite watching, I want to share my 
results and introduce myself to the SeeSat mailing list.

I'm watching satellites since I have access to the Internet (mid 1996).

My favorite satellite is Mir, because I can show it to my whole 
family, including grandparents, and they will recognize it.

I've seen Soyuz TM-24 in August 96 on its way to Mir and the Space 
Shuttle Atlantis three times: First after undocking during STS-82, 
second on the pad at KSC in August 97 awaiting launch to STS-86 and 
third after undocking during STS-86 in September 97.

My favorite satellite related experience was the launch of a Delta 7920-8 
carrying NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer on 25. August.
I was at Jetty Park Cocoa Beach two days in a row, because shrimp 
boats caused a delay of one day.

My best Iridium flare was until now was Mag -2.7.

Recently I've organized the live broadcast of the launch of 
Cassini/Huygens and Ariane 502 at my Gymnasium (German for 

Satellites I saw this evening (in a city of 600000 :-( ): 

Name          Number Desig. Date     UTC   Mag
Radcat          6212 72076A 11/01/97 17:00 5.0
Cosmos 2322 r  23705 95058B 11/01/97 17:46 2.5
UARS           21701 91063B 11/01/97 17:52 2.5  Flare to 0.0
Cosmos 895 r    9854 77015B 11/01/97 17:57 4.0
Okean 1-7 r    23318 94066B 11/01/97 18:13 4.0

I picked UARS up at magnitude 0 as it rose from the east, it dimmed 
after 10 seconds.

Jens A. Lerch
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany
50.138N 8.684E 140m UTC+1h

Jens A. Lerch