Re: SDP4 code

Alex A Sergejew (
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 19:29:15 +1100 (EST)

Evening All,

>Re the availability of the SDP4 code. After seeing Rob Matson message giving
>the location of this site I typed the full address is as given and was 
>unable to access the area.

I beg to differ: it's still there, exactly as Bob specified:
Note that case is critical for most Web servers (except for those running
on MS platforms): I suspect this may be where the problems have arisen.
For anyone still having problems with the server, I have archived the files
(in a gzipped tar archive) in anonymous ftp at:

I'm not a satellite spotter, but I *am* fascinated by celestial mechanics
(via getting interested in WxSat reception) and I have put together a Web page
of my own at:
which collects a number of links to SGP/SDP/SpaceTrack goodies on the Web.

Original contributions on my site include a fully HTML-ised version of
Spacetrack Report #3, along with my own spacetrk.pdf which uses Acrobat 3.0
compression and better TeX fonts, and as a result is 1/3 the size of
Tom Kelso's widely distributed file (I have yet to put in bookmarks, but
I hope to soon).  I have also archived key orbit prediction and TLE related
messages from the seesat-l and amsat-bb lists, and these can be found at

Finally, there are links to spacetrack ports in C, C++, and Pascal, and
even a link to a site that uses spacetrack code to generate on-line
orbital predictions and which has made source code (Fortran, unix shell
scripts) freely available online (!)

I hope some of this is of interest to the list.  I would certainly welcome
any suggestions for further links, and would be particularly happy to be
able to place a truly bug-free impelementation of the spacetrack code here(!)

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