Mir obs 11/3 14:01 UT (no panel or sputnik seen)

Mon, 3 Nov 97 06:57:18 PST

Despite strong twilight (only 1/2 hour before sunrise), I thought
I would try tracking Mir at 40x in my scope to see if I could see
a jettisoned solar panel, or perhaps the Sputnik replica.  Neither
was seen either leading or trailing Mir, but better passes are

I observed a perigee pass of 19824 = 89-16C = Akebono Rocket about
1/2 hour previously at 5:27:43 local time (13:27:43 UT).   The orbit
is 263 x 6450 km  (163 x 4007 sm).  It was about mag 5 as I tracked it
in my 7x50's, and moving very fast as you might expect (the Quicksat
EW value was 4.5, and it covered the distance from Polaris to
Regulus in 55 seconds).  I've wanted to add this one to my list for
quite some time, and finally got a perigee pass.  It's so small
(RCS is around .7) that I couldn't pick it up in my scope during many
non-perigee attempts.

>From OIG:

Akebono Rk
1 19824U 89016C   97306.19684006  .00027510  00000-0  10034-2 0  3569
2 19824  75.0438 316.5414 3178048 145.5771 239.9434  9.03850349259368

 Craig Cholar    3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL
 Marina, California
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