RE: Mir obs 11/3 14:01 UT (no panel or sputnik seen)

Jeff Hunt (
Mon, 3 Nov 97 10:28:01

Hello All,

Chris v.d. Berg in mirnews 393 reports that the disconnected solar array 
from Kvant 1 was stowed on the base block and not jettisoned.

Jeff Hunt <>

--- On Mon, 3 Nov 97 06:57:18 PST  3432P@VM1.CC.NPS.NAVY.MIL wrote:

>Despite strong twilight (only 1/2 hour before sunrise), I thought
>I would try tracking Mir at 40x in my scope to see if I could see
>a jettisoned solar panel, or perhaps the Sputnik replica.  Neither
>was seen either leading or trailing Mir, but better passes are