Re: Sputnik-40 signal

Whitney.vt (
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:55:03 -0500

>I just listened on 145.825, with a handheld scanner, to a high elevation=

>pass at 1623UT, 127W 47N. I didn't hear anything. Is the Sputnik still
close to
>MIR? I entered this thread late, does sputnik have a number? orbital

Hi Dale.  I heard sputnik on two of three passes by my location today.

1134 UT - no luck
1310 UT - good luck
1800 UT - good luck

>Is 145.825 the correct frquency?

Yes that is the right frequency.  Doppler shift +/- 3kc

>What is the power of the transmitter?

250 mW

>Is this an "exact" duplicate of the original Sputnik?

1/3 size replica.

>How long is it project to be operational?

Good question ... it is battery powered.

Hope this helps.  I've learned this much from ASMAT and SEESAT.

Tom Whitney