Re: SatSpy 2.5

Bjoern Gimle (
Thu, 6 Nov 1997 06:49:05 +0100

Leigh Palmer replied to :
>Seeing as you're using a Macintosh, why not try "Starry Night" instead?

It seems you also run DOS !!

Mike replied to Mike:
>But SatSpy 2.5 has stars to only 5th magnitude.  It could be
>weeks before a 12th magnitude geosync comes close enough to
>Much better:  Get SatSpy to display its "Look Angle Ephemeris".
>Then plot some points on Uranometria and see when the geosync

Even better: Use Rob Matson's SkyMap. Version 5 and before go to
mag.+8.1 (Beta version 6.0 to 11.0 - selected guide stars only )
and you don't have to plot them manually!

>With an elset that was only 4 days old, I compared SatSpy's
>SDP4 look angles against its SGP4 look angles and there was no
>difference between the two.
I agree on that - SGP4 should be OK in most programs with relatively
fresh elsets - corrected SDP4 needed only for old elsets of dead
geostationaries (or eccentric orbit satellites)

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