Time to end the "current" Iridium reports

Ron Lee (ronlee@pcisys.net)
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 05:36:43 -0700

The current format, which includes azimuth/elevation of the 
flare point and sun, and solar phase angle, is no longer

When first developed by unnamed wise men, it served a valid
purpose in allowing others to find flares under similar
conditions.   I suspect that it was also valuable in allowing
Randy and Rob to develop their excellent flare prediction 

To that end, everyone who submitted reports is to be thanked
for their efforts.    

There is discussion off-line about a revised format that 
concentrates on the visual magnitude and MMA flare angle.  If that
format is finalized, accurate data would be useful in refining
the predicted magnitudes.

This does not mean that interesting reports of flares, or the
excitement of a first flare sighting like Nancy recently gave,
are not welcome.

Personally, I am still trying for my first daytime flare.   And I
expect someone to see 3-5 great flares from the next launch, or one
soon thereafter.

Thanks again for your observations...and I will retain the current
set of obs in case anyone ever needs them.

Ron Lee