Anyone seen Lacrosse 2 Rk lately?

Ed Cannon (
Thu, 05 Nov 1998 01:59:20 -0500

I've got some morning predictions during the next week for 
Lacrosse 2 Rk (21148, 91-17B), but they have several minutes 
time uncertainty, so I'm wondering who saw it last and how 
early or late it was.  An example is with culmination at 
11:48:36 UTC next Monday 9 Nov., with predicted magnitude of 
+0.2.  But the Quicksat time uncertainty is 7.5 minutes!
(Age of elsets is 21 days at that point; drag in the latest
elset that I have is .00104....)  We had an evening twilight
pass a few nights ago, but I was still in my office, stuck on 
the phone at that time.

Lacrosse 3.  A couple of nights ago Lacrosse 3 brightened to
about +1 for about 10 seconds, as it ascended from low in
the NNW early in a near-zenith southbound pass.  I've seen a 
similar brightening at least once from Lacrosse 2, also as 
it ascended low in the north on the same type of pass.  Solar

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA