Iridium Obs

Ron Lee (
Fri, 06 Nov 1998 19:03:27 -0700

Just saw (01:53 UT 7 nov 98) two of the newest Iridiums.

They were in a hazy area of an encroaching cloud so I scanned 
a bit forward to see if I missed some and when I returned I could
see none of them. Apparently they became too faint for my 7x50

about twenty minutes earlier, the Delta rocket went by. It appeared
steady at first so I assumed it was not rotating. When it was about due
west, it brightened substantially (one magnitude?)  An attempt to
get a period IF it was rotating was not successful.  If it is, I 
would roughly estimate the period at about 20 seconds and not very

An earlier attempt to see Pegsat was also unsuccessful.

A comparison of my last guestimate elset and a real elset for this pass
had mine within a degree of elevation and about one minute late.

Ron Lee