Re: Bum elements?

Ralph McConahy (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 06:54:49 -0800


I can verify what you calculated. I missed TRMM the night before, but did
catch it last night and it was indeed about 90 early. I've paid close
attention to TRMM (partially because I was involved in some pre-launch
analysis for it) and have never seen it early, but often 2 minutes late
following an altitude boost.

  Ralph McConahy
  34.8829N  117.0064W  670m

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From: Matson, Robert <>
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Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 7:57 PM
Subject: Bum elements?

>Hi Mark and list,
>Something suspicious may be going on with the most recent
>MOLCZAN.TLE file.  I was out looking for TRMM Monday
>evening, Nov. 9th, but did not see it.  I had been warned by
>Ralph McConahy that it had not appeared when expected for
>a near-zenith pass on Sunday night, so he thought it might
>have recently maneuvered.  That being the case, I assumed
>that it would have been boosted to a higher orbit, and thus it
>would have come late.  I watched for an extra 5 minutes but
>saw nothing.  This satellite is too bright to be missed, so
>something is up.  The elements were only about 5 days old,
>so I couldn't imagine it being more than 5 minutes late.