Re: 5 IRIDIUM FLARES IN 1 MINUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paolo Bussola (
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 04:26:53 +0100

Ed Cannon wrote:

> An aside -- it appears that Mr. Bussola was caught by one of
> these new e-mail programs that sends messages in HTML without
> letting the sender know that it's using HTML instead of plain
> text as the default format....

I'm very sorry! My intention was to alert all Italian observers about
these new Iridium sats and I manually entered the addresses. It was very
late at night and I added the address of this ML with no intenction.
Sorry for this. More, I used HTML for emphathize the event. Which kind
of punishment did you reserved to me me?I'm waiting for the 5 flares in
the morning and evening of Saturday 14th. I hope I can took nice photos.

Sorry again!
Paolo Bussola