Unknowns caught on film

Sat, 14 Nov 1998 17:12:00 -0700 (MST)

I got my roll of film developed of my last night shots and the picture of
the double flare by Mao 1 r (04392 - 70034B) and Iridium 50 came out nicely
but the film caught a couple of extra trails, 2 sats were captured as well
on the same print. Being distracted by the flares i didn't even see them
that night. However i did have my camera pointing due North and knowing the
particulars for both Mao 1 r and Iridium 50, plus having Polaris as a
reference point i was able to determine the track of the 2 unknowns:

Time: between 02:36:30 and 02:37:38 UT +-10 secs 22 Oct (offset of -6)
Location: 54.25N

Trail #1 - Elevation -  35=D8
           Azimuth   - 000=D8
           Direction - 195=D8 to 015=D8 or 015=D8 to 195=D8

Trail #2 - Elevation -  25=D8
           Azimuth   - 357=D8
           Direction - 330=D8 to 150=D8 or 150=D8 to 330=D8

However since it has been 3 weeks since the shot was taken, as well as going
to Standard time once again, plus i don't have elsets from then, i have not
been able to ID the 2 unknowns. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance.