next PPAS update

Kurt Jonckheere (
Mon, 16 Nov 98 22:14:34 PST

hello all,

in the next days, I will prepare the next update to our PPAS,
database of measurements of the flashing period of all
objects with varying light curve.

All observations are appreciated very much !!

Some more info below :

The Belgian Working Group Satellites has been collecting observations of =

flashing periods for several years now.
As different people can report the same thing in different ways, the best
is to collect observations in a standardized way.  Therefor the PPAS
format was created.
PPAS =3D A database collecting Photometric Periods of Artificial Satellit=

The PPAS format looks like :
Cospar   Date     time UT    ob total acc  #of flash  remarks
ID       YY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.s se time       fls period
94- 56 A 98-04-14 12:06      AB  193.7 .04  10 19.374 +-.004, flsh peak =
mag +2

Thanks to this standardization, it is easier to create an archive and
to start with analyzing the data.

We have provided a e-mail address to which you can send your observations=

In this way you make sure your observations are collected and made availa=
for everybody for analysis.
Please send your observations of flashing satellites, preferrably in the =

correct PPAS format to

If you send your observations to SeeSat-L, please also send a copy to the
observations address.  In this way you are sure your observations will =
used for the updates to our PPAS archive.

You can find more information about the Belgian Working Group Satellites
and our PPAS archive starting from :
and looking for BWGS and PPAS.

If you have any questions about the above or you want more information,
do not hesitate to contact me !


Kurt Jonckheere, observations collector for the Belgian Working Group Sat=

Please notice my new e-mail address: