Re: Leonids & Satellite Damage

Mark Borg (
Fri, 20 Nov 98 00:33:25 -0000 (2)

On Thursday 19th November, Phillip Clark wrote:
> Yesterday evening (Wednesday) I was talking with a friend at JSC involv=
> with space debris issues, and he confirmed that there have been no
> reports of any satellites being damaged following the Leonids non-storm=
> BTW, I guess that there eare easier ways than trying to freeze myself =
> death.   Outside at 10pm Tuesday evening until 4.45am Wednesday morning
> and saw 5 meteors, one of which was sporadic.   Maybe next year will =
be a

> decent display, as some are already predicting.

I observed for Leonids on both nights of 16/17 and 17/18 from Mosta, Malt=
a.   The leonids were at their best on the 16/17th  with 165 meteors visi=
ble from
21:45 to 03:00 UT.  All were very bright with numerous bolides, fast and =
long trains.  In comparison the night of the 17/18 was hopeless with just=
leonids visible from 21:45 to 04:00.  We'll see what comes up next year.

Mark Borg