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Jim Nix (nixj@bellsouth.net)
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 20:28:23 -0600

Hi all,

Ir 20  Rapid flashes on ascension at 44 to 55 d elev almost 2/sec
similar to EGP.  Then a series of 10 flashes in 10 secs with the mid
time of the
major 4F's at 00:23:59.5.

 Flashes +-.5 secs:
 00:23:57f, 58F 59F
 00:24:00F 01F 02f 03f 04f 05f 06f 07f

 Again there appeared to be a constant point of reflection accompanied
by a different point of flashing through the rest of the pass.

Ir 20 tum
97- 34C  98-11-20 00:24:07.00 JN  10.00 .2 10  1.00  .5->5.0 fFFFFfffff

Ir 79?  00:30:58F, 59f
        00:31:00f 01f 02f 04f     13min 14F   18F
        through rest of obs noted mins/inv's at 8.5 to 9 secs with slow
brightening and dimming to next min mag.

99- 51D  98-11-20 00:31:04.00 JN  6.00 .2 6  1.00  1.2->5.0  Ffffff

Attempted to sight Russels NOSS deb on 19th, Limiting mag was
5.5 with sun at -7 to -8 degrees.  No luck, although I noted
a glint off of something at polaris at the right time?  Clouds
obscured its pass this eve.

Rosat dropping lower in the east, difficult to acquire this location
in Eve, same with MTSI.

Clouds in South obscured Zarya and Proton rk pass.

Had an UnId that I can't find on the 18th.  Traj S to N
passed A Cetus (030213.31+040507.5 (epoch 1998.9))at 23:53:17
(mag 5.5 to 6),  Anyone want to take a shot at it?

35.3163567N  89.8862610W 100m