ISS from Jos, NIgeria
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:05:32 EST

Hello everyone.

The ISS (Zarya) had an 80 deg elevation pass on 21 November, 17:34 UTC (18:34
Local) over Jos, Nigeria (9.917N, 8.883E).  My brother gave a brief
We did see the ISS last night. I was at a barbecue with 5 families, and we
went outside and saw it. It was only visible for a few seconds because of
cloud cover, but the brightest star around. 

BTW I have not received the SeeSat-L postings via e-mail since Friday.  I
would assume that others are haveing the same trouble.

Don Gardner
76.8419 W, 39.1796 N,  34m ASL